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Supposed to do !

Warning: Exams!

Okay, I am closer to finish this semester; I am officially now in the 3rd level.    
As for my annoying nature ): I Feel nervous, when I start thinking about exams Which automatically affects on my mood, So my mood is ruining everything for me ! (I am so wasted!)
 I have  surfed the Internet searching for some study techniques that can aid me to study on regular basis, I do planning, scheduling, however I become excited about the achievements, and how  I am going to cram it, But all of this is nothing, and the results wasting time and absolutely bad grades.
I read about The SQ3R Method, Which is for active elaboration of material that you read, and it does consist of 5 Steps.
1.      Survey
2.      Question
3.      Read
4.      Recite/write
5.      Review
It really helps!
So after Finding this method, the time comes for  applying it 😀 But I screwed up in timing Which means that I am not managing my time and waste most of it on sleeping!  And making this noise on nothing (FAIL).
Add on, I am not excited about my major, I am not here insulting the accounting but seriously I hate numbers and everything goes with it. Never ask about the reason that led me here ( The Faith).
I can’t lie it’s amazing major and it is one of the most successful majors which anyone can enjoy. I could not study English literature here in my country since I hate the technique of education. So I am here trying to summons bunch of reasons inasmuch as kind of excuses ! Could be . May be
All I need now is to be patient and accept the reality since I am graduating next year. The future waits for me and I am still 20. Hopefully To do some important accomplishments.